DANCE LIKE NO ONE IS WATCHING!                             



PLAY BY GOD'S RULES!                                                                                                       


Hey! I'm Shelbie. My favorite things to do are play volleyball, dance, and sing! I love to have fun and hang out with my friends and family!! My heroes are JESUS and My Popah (Ronnie)!! :) I hope you enjoy my webpage!! Click on the thumbnails to view larger pictures! Press back button to return back to this page from the enlarged photo!!! :)


Get to know me better................. I love to scrapbook and I am very creative. I am somewhat bilingual (I'm currently learning Spanish). I dance and I have had my toe shoes for a year and a half. According to my friends and family, I am very graceful. I love to play volleyball and I am a team player! I always encourage my teammates. It takes hard work and communication with your team to win the City Tournament! I love animals especially my big baby boy, Max. My dream is to one day dance in the New York, New York Ballet! My mottos: "Follow your heart and dreams and never let anyone or anything stand in the way of achievement"  "Stand up for what you believe in".


Max enjoying his Christmas present!

Doctor Bryce-Man!!!

My friend, Kati, being a nerd! Kati is from the Republic of Russia!

Me and Kati being nerds!!!

Baby Kobi talking to the camera!!!

Baby Kobi reaching for my camera!

Baby Kobi is in "La La Land"!

Baby Dalton shows off his USC pride!!!

Bryce's Bubble Beard!!!