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We have been blessed over the years to have places to "escape" the everyday world, get out of the city and do something a little different.  Although sometimes they create extra work, we are fortunate to have them available.

When I (Ronnie) was young, we made many trips to Canadian, TX to visit grandparents and friends.  I learned to drive, as my son did, on the dirt roads of the Leslie Webb ranch on the Canadian River.  Getting through those cattle guards sometimes took 5 to 10 minutes to "size up" and then get though without scratching the sides---he, he !!!  There we could fish, hunt arrowheads, and find fossils from the past. 
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Fond remembrance----Leslie at meal time would eat his dessert first----that was so he didn't eat too much of the main dish and have to skip dessert !
Santa Fe Eating House & Station                    Dinosaur
Tornados 1986                                               Dirt Fence Tragedy
Palace Theater                                               Arrington Ranch
Court House pictures                                      Historic Driving Tour

fishing_md_wht.gif (21507 bytes)As Ronnie's Dad reached retirement age, he and my Mom were concerned that our kids (their grandkids) be able to get out of the "city" (not to mention a place for them to "piddle" around).  We found such a place at Sandspur Lake.  It's a private lake of mostly "weekend" homes and trailer houses. It's a small lake and we fish from 2-man bass boats.  No skiing or jet skis-------just a nice quiet fishing lake, tall cottonwood trees, and some wildlife. Biggest family catch held by Chris---7lb largemouth bass, an 11+lb was caught September 2002 !

outhouse.gif (1832 bytes)As Ronnie and Jodi had children we were fortunate that Jodi's Aunt Ann, during the depression, traded a refrigerator for some lots in the Idlewilde, NM mountains and built a one room no electricity or water cabin and passed it on to Jodi and her sister. We have since added bedrooms and----HAVE ELECTRICITY, and have water tank system in place.   The "outhouse" of the past is the "present" at this cabin !