Sand Spur Lake....................

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            An hour away from our home, a great place to fish !!!
            Sand Lake...........between McLean & Shamrock, Texas.

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           Newsletters from Sand Lake........  May 2004    February 2004       March 2004
                                                                            June 2003      May 2003   Sept 2002

11lb Bass Sept. 2002..Alicia Heil

Brandon & Braden

Rose with a nice one !

Ronnie & his mom at the 2002 annual meeting.

Unfortunately Ronnie got "elected" president.

Big one, got away ! Chris got it to the boat and it threw the hook. About 6-7lb.

Chris with one on a day that we caught about 40 fish !

Chris.....always gets the nice ones !

True JUMPED in the boat (Jiggs & Ronnie).

Caldwell trailer when 1st acquired.

Chris and his big fish.

Sunset coming back from the lake Sept 2002.

Larry's 1st bass.......not bad !

Rose with a 7lb'er April 2003 !

Michelle's big one....April 2003

Did Rose catch the "legendary" SandSpur alligator on film ?