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This is will probably be a challenge, intent is to have some information about family stuff that might be of interest.  If you have some information, trivia, pictures to share, PLEASE let me know.  Maybe some current pictures since we don't get to see much of family any more ??   email Ronnie

C. W. Callaway Sr.            Back: Thad, Cert, Burl, CW Jr. "Dub", Lela                Pictures provided by Keith Records via Max Callaway
                                            Front:  Max, Alice, Dallas, CW Sr.         

I "borrowed" this from Lelan Callaway's web site.  Reflections of his life, written at an age of 88.........very interesting.
Granddaddy Callaway's Memoirs  (pdf file)

          Link to Max Callaway's page with family information and pictures......

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           2003 Reunion    2006 Reunion  

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            Jim & Lana (Callaway) Dudley's picture site  check 'em out.

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