Dawn and Randy................

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About the only thing better than a brightly lit Christmas tree ???  

Dawn and Randy's wedding!  On a "perfect" day Saturday December 14, 2002, 12:00 noon at Washington Avenue Christian Church, Amarillo, Texas  ........with a backdrop of 18 Christmas trees the ceremony began!
Here's a link the Amarillo paper write up: Newspaper clipping

Check out some of the moments the packed house got to see and share in !
Use the arrow keys to scroll through the thumbnails, click to enlarge in the window below.

This is the day !

Hey this is fun !

Why is Robert wearing those waders ?

One foot in front of the other !

Dad has the cell phone in his hand, if anything goes wrong he's going to call the police !

WOW ! What a backdrop !

The top is from David & Linda's wedding cake !

Get away limo !

Those beautiful girls !

Hannah, McKenna & Shelbie

3 girls & a guy !

Hannah, McKenna, Braden, Shelbie

Collin and Robert.

Colin says "everything is under control here !"

Robert, Randy and his brother, Bart.

Just waiting....................

Is this going to hurt ?

Where is my bride ?

Brooke & Dawn

We're trying to get ready.........put those cameras away!

Lip gloss anyone ??!!

Jodi's trying to help the girls.

Yes Dawn, do you have question ?

Are we ready ?..........Well YES !

Heather, Jennifer, Dawn, Brooke

Hannah, Shelbie


Get the "boys" out.....I wanna see the cake !

What a beautiful bride !

Jennifer & Dawn.

Wow Dad, you look nice !

Dawn and here proud Mom, Linda !

Jarrod offered a beautiful prayer !

No words needed !

The beginning of a new flame !

The most important guest remembered !

Her family !

Beautiful Grandmother, Marie and Dawn.

Randy's parents.

Randy's family.

His family !

Dawn and Shelbie.

Dawn was there when she was born !

Now that's a cool cake !

It's pretty........do I have to cut it ??

OK ! Your aim is way off !

Hope we can do this after the cake on the nose thing !

Great food !

Groom's table.

Collin caught the garter !!! What a day !!

Collin and Dawn.

Climb aboard the limo !

Well, there goes my hair-do !

This could get cold before we get to Colorado !

Well wishers Jarrod and AJ.

Jarrod's advice: put the toilet seat down, it DOES MATTER !

Well wishers !

We wish you many years of happiness !

Robert and Amber

We have been waiting for this day....come to Dallas and see us !

Larry & Emily

Emily says........."I wanna ride on the motorcycle !"...Larry says........"Try to out give each other !"

Brooke, Jodi, Amber......the Caldwell girls.

The girls say......."Thanks for being such a big part of our lives and for letting us share in your special day !"

Ronnie & Jodi

We love you Dawn........and just think 4 days after your wedding, we stood on this stage 31 years ago for our vows. But it looked NOTHING like this !

Table picture.

Completly filled with well wishers signatures !