Callaway Tribal Gathering
August 1, 2, 3 2003

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            Several have mentioned that they would like to have a family gathering (it's only been what....... 25 years ???). 

            WOW !!!! happened !!!!

            If you missed it .............well, let's just say it was GREAT !!!..........
            A very big thank you to all for making the long journey............I know it was at considerable cost to well as vacation time.............

            We tried very hard to make it a fun minimal "additional" cost.

            Lelan thinks we had 68 "family" members and with others there a total of 76 !

            It's here for your viewing: C. W. Callaway Sr. Family  (last updated 7-24-2003)
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              Ceta Canyon      Map (click to enlarge)

            Weekend Set: (to top)
             Friday  Aug 1, 2003
               Evening meal of fried chicken with Amarillo folks providing side dishes.
                     The room is reserved from 5 -10pm.............come "eat & greet"

             And man was it GOOOOOD !!!!                   

            Saturday August  2, 2003           
                Ceta Canyon Methodist Camp & Recreation

                        30 minutes (40 miles) South of Amarillo
                        2 air conditioned gathering rooms
                                Swimming pool
                                Covered basketball, volleyball, kids wall climbing, foosball, ping pong area
                                Hiking trails to waterfalls
                        Ken Johnston will have his motorhome available should anyone need to
                                rest...........THANKS KEN !!!!

                        Amarillo - Breakfast: 6:00 - 8:00
will be on your own for breakfast

                        Ceta Canyon -  arrive 9:00am
open visitation/free time.......1 1/2hr time for family "stories"
                        Lunch - noon:
sandwich fixings and chicken
open visitation/free time........1 1/2hr time for family "stories"
                        Evening meal 5 - 6:
                                hamburger cookout
open visitation/free time until ??.........return to Amarillo

                        Sorry, no pets allowed at the camp.

           Sunday August 3, 2003
Washington Ave. Christian Church
                3800 S. Washington  (just South of the Canyon E-Way on Washington)

                Happened.............8:30 a combined adult Sunday School class where C.W. (Dub)
                Callaway spoke. 

                You are invited to attend their church services:
                                    9:45 Traditional Service
                                    10:57 Contemporary Service

            Misc. sites in the area:
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            Tribal Map:

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